Sunday, October 12, 2014

Movie Night at the Rec Hall – Leprechaun Origins

-         -- Contributed by Luke Merrill

This weekend at Horror Camp we screened a new release hot off the video rental shelves. Albeit no one rents movies from a video store, just bear with me alright?

Leprechaun Origins is the reboot of the cult classic from the nineties starring the loveable Warwick Davis. Warwick Davis being such a fine choice in the role for being one of the most recognizable “little person” actors. I really don’t know how to be more politically correct with that statement. I instantly remember Davis from his memorable role in Willow, which was a fantasy tale most likely made to closely parallel LOTR at the time, without the annoying feature of being 20+ hours to watch which just wasn’t allowed back then. Leprechaun was such a departure from Willow that it was such a treat to see Davis in his garishly disgusting role, wisecrackin and trickin everyone from stupid white people to greedy thugs in the 6 films of the original franchise.

The original Horror Leprechaun design

This is a reboot so it has none of that. The leprechaun doesn’t wear cloths, he’s more akin to a feral beast so he never talks, and there isn’t a four leaf clover to be found anywhere in the film. Really this film doesn’t even have a plausible segueway to explain how Warwick Davis later became the Leprechaun we know and love from the original series. So if you can get past that one little detail you might be able to watch this movie in its entirety. If that’s something that would bother you, ya know the fact this movie could’ve been named anything other than Leprechaun and been a little less misleading then you probably don’t need to continue reading.

The New Horror Leprechaun design

That being said, despite this obvious flaw the movie isn’t half bad, but who really wants to commit to a movie that isn’t even half good? It has the same Joss Whedon feel that Cabin in the Woods gave us except without any of the humor, but the plot is almost the same, except without the Joss Whedon twist that made Cabin in the Woods a horror parody of itself. In order to watch this movie you have to be prepared to watch a genre picture where young couples get chased though the woods and have time to discuss real relationship issues between catching their breath. Pressing issues such as “Hey Bitch, why did you keep running after I fell?” Or “No, It’s your turn to bait and attack the leprechaun to meet you inevitable death, you jerk.” Are addressed. This is the colorful banter that truly tests relationships and forges unbreakable chains of trust to persevere from now until the hereafter. Unfortunately for the poor saps in this film the hereafter might be 20 minutes from now. Most everyone dies.

How we used to imagine Leprechauns

The real question to this film is “who is the survivor going to be?”  It’s a tough call the couples are quick to assimilate what is happening, what they must do to survive, and have an excellent team dynamic. So anyone could have come out on top, not one single character had so many flaws that it was a guarantee that they would die in the very next scene. I find that to be true of a many of these WWE production horror flicks. I find although the concept itself is a bit overplayed, or more to say conventional in terms of plot, the character development typically trends toward level headed thinking and genuine human emotions in terms of “what do we do in this deathtrap scenario?” Many of the characters exhibit cowardice, but typically will redeem themselves and show some inner strength. It still gets them and the people around them killed almost everytime…… but it’s.  the.  JOURNEY. that truly matters. That sense of personal growth that only trial by pursuit of horrible monsters, that these movies are so quick to highlight, which is most important.

How I want a Leprechaun Remake to look

So I wouldn’t say to not watch Leprechaun Origins it’s decent in its own regard. I’ve heard it compared to a Syfy original and would have to agree. But I feel the disappointment from not getting anything that resembles the Leprechaun that fans of the series have grown up with and watched on BET reruns is going to be a bitter pill to swallow.

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